Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wow, That...Sucks

Ladies and gentlemen, I am soon to become a millionaire. Allow me to quote the very professional e-mail I got about my winnings:

"We discovered an abandoned sum of US$20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million Dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family."

Now, that probably looks like just about every other one of those things you get, except for the "died along with his entire family" part. No one would make that up. I mean, ouch. Not only did they miss out on their $20 mil, but their entire family died. Seriously, that's got to suck. Really, what happened? Did the $20,000,000 have anything to do with it? Were they killed for the money? Killed by the money? Think about it. Twenty mil is probably pretty heavy. It was probably all stored up in an attic or something. Family reunion. Termitey floorboards. Crash.

But, nonetheless, looks like I'll be collecting $20 mil. All it took was the extinction of an entire side of a family tree.

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