Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade is on in town today, and, as a result, the roads are packed. I remember last year when I had to take my sister to work, which is probably about a kilometre and a half from our house. Took us 25 minutes.

But, this post is not about screwing with the roads. Rather, it's about the weather.

While waiting in line at the bank yesterday, someone commented that the weather was supposed to be nice this weekend, which must really suck for the Santa Claus Parade, since it's much better when it's cold.

No. No it's not.

I have been in the Santa Claus Parade. When you're on a float for four hours, there is nothing you want more than a volcanic eruption right underneath you. That is how cold it is. Your costume is wearing you for warmth.

In my opinion, it should be run in June. I mean, think about it: they run it more than a month before Christmas as it is, what's another five? The explanation's easy: Santa needs extra time to work on all the presents. Is it really all that hard? No, I think not.

And, for the record, I was a robot. A cold robot.

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