Friday, December 03, 2004

Damn you Georgian College

Okay, I've found something that Humber has on Georgian - they actually promote the things that they're doing in the school!

A few weeks ago, Gwynne Dyer was at Georgian doing a presentation (primarily, I would assume, on the war in Iraq). I was very interested in this, but could I find information about it anywhere? Oh no. The only place I saw the announcement was on the billboard that you can only really read as you drive past Georgian on the 400. Which doesn't really help me, as I generally tend to drive to Georgian on the 400, and really have no reason to go any farther north.

But today, I thought I was saved! There was a poster tacked to an announcement board (which, other than the poster, was plastered with student election posters - more on that later) saying that he would be at Georgian again! Hurray!

Then I read closer. "Orillia campus". Crap. Well...maybe, if I don't have anything to do on the day of, I can go there if I want.

Again, I read closer. "Friday, December 3, at 10 a.m. " I read this on Friday, December 3, at 1 p.m. Good promotion guys.

At Humber, we knew people were coming weeks in advance, and had to sign up to even get the chance to buy tickets. At Georgian, apparently you find out a few hours before the event.

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