Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Marketing and the Art of Writing Crap

There is a certain art to writing crap in a very short time and managing to pull off a good mark. Some people have it, some people don't. I'm not saying it's a good thing - after all, how will people learn to study hard and get things done in plenty of time? How, I ask?

The truth is, we don't learn, we still leave it until the last minute, and still somehow manage to pull off passing marks.

Some people, however, are not blessed with the so-called "Procrastination Gene". These are the people who get 0.5 out of 55 on their assignments. 0.5 out of 55. Imagine that. That is less than 1%. That is basically writing your name on a scrap of paper, losing it under your couch, dropping a piece of pepperoni on it during Saturday's party, and then handing it in a week late to the wrong teacher (really, you just wanted to get it out of the house).

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