Friday, December 03, 2004

Not Much Has Changed

I'm glad to see not much has changed since my first run at post-secondary education (or, for that matter, from high school).

At the moment, we're having elections here at good ol' Georgian. So far as I can tell, the only post that's up for election is VP of Activities. Based on the signs around the school, it's between two people (who's names I don't remember, so they probably want to rethink their marketing strategies).

Now, the "not much has changed" part comes in here:

Both candidates have two types posters. Both say their names. Both have the position they're running for. Both have pictures of them holding their mouths open reeeeeally wide in a sort of scream-yawn (scrawn? yeam?). This was the same at Humber, and, for what I remember, the same at OD. There's no note of issues, who they are, what year they're in, what program they're in, but they apparently have the jaws of a rattlesnake.

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