Sunday, January 09, 2005


Carley and I have both managed (through exemptions and timetable manipulation) to have two days off per school week. We both would like to try and pick up another course for this semester, since it'll give us more choices in the last couple of years of our courses. Hopefully the changes won't overload us with work, but I think we should...

Wait...what? You mean the only way to take that course is to go in from 8-9 am on Friday? But I have Friday off! Aw, screw that.

OK, how about...7-8 pm? Ha! Yeah right.

Oooh, this one's taught by four different professors, plenty of options here. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Oh...that helps.

Basically, it's not quite as easy as we had hoped. We almost managed to get into the same microeconomics class, but it interfered with one of her courses. I want to take Human Resources Management. The only time where there is no conflict and I would not have to lose a day off is example #2 up there.

Georgian hasn't exactly proven to be too accommodating in the course changes department. Carley actually found out that not all of her optional courses will be available from semester to semester (which makes me curious about mine), so it kinda makes it hard to decide where you're going to go from year to year.

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