Monday, February 28, 2005

The results are in!

So, you thought this weekend was just about the Oscars? Well, you were wrong? Another award show went on. And I don't mean the Razzies.

Here are the results of the First Annual Mike Statement Radio Awards, or, you can read the whole award show here.

Most Overplayed Band That Hasn't Done Anything Recently
Presenter: Ben Stiller
Winner: Our Lady Peace

Whiniest Song
Presenter: Chris Martin
Winner: "Broken" - Seether, f. Amy Lee

Worst Radio Commercial
Presenter: Ben Mulroney
Winner: Our lawyers have advised us not to reveal the winner of this award, as it may negatively impact funding for further shows.

Most Underplayed Song
Presenter: Neil Diamond
Winner: "A Crow Left of the Murder" - Incubus

Most Underplayed Band
Presenter: Nicolette Sheridan
Winner: Pre-suck Nickelback

Worst Radio Personality
Presenter: Jude Law
Winner: Dave Bookman, 102.1 The Edge

Most Overplayed Song of the Year
Presenter: Kalen Porter
Winner: "Vertigo" - U2

Most Overplayed Band of the Year
Presenters: Green Day
Winner: Sum 41

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