Saturday, March 12, 2005

By-Election Wackiness

So, the (latest) provincial by-election is upon us in a few more days, and, judging by the letters to the editor in the newspapers, you'd think the Liberals actually had a chance, wouldn't you?

Well, you'd be wrong. This is the great blue whale of a riding of Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey, where, regardless of previous blunders or complete disregard for the riding, we will elect a Conservative candidate. Even during the last federal election, Murray Calder, our incumbent for three elections was beaten when David "Spin City" Tilson ran against him. And, sadly, Calder was destroyed.

Now, here we are again, with another Tory leader lacking a seat at Queen's Park, we are expected to roll over and vote PC once again. Which, like I said, people will do. Why? Because even though people bitch and moan about how the Liberals aren't focused on rural communities, and do this and that to harm small towns, they seem to forget that those problems weren't solved during the Harris/Eves years. But they were probably going to do something.

So, in parachutes John Tory - who, by the way, has made no qualms about the fact that come the next election in 2007, he'll run in his hometown of Toronto, leaving us lacking again (which might then finally result in a Liberal win).

Hopefully, though, people will wake up this time and realize that the Tories are not right for Ontario, and we won't just be their doormat when the latest leader quits in disgrace. Why? Here are a few excerpts Tory's "Send a Message to Dalton McGuinty" pamphlet that's been sent around to homes:
  • Right under the section about the Liberals' inactivity on issues such as hospital waiting lists and a lack of doctors, the first line in the next section is "I have committed to repealing the health care premium if elected Premier in 2007." Let's get this out of the way right away: You can not spend money you do not have. This is not America.
  • "We need action of highways 427 and 410. Let's do it right environmentally, but let's do it (sic)." Sorry, but the 427 and 410 aren't really huge deals to too many DPWG constituents, and, personally, I like the off-handed "Let's do it right environmentally." least we can try...we might have to pave over a few species, but them's the breaks.
  • "Once elected, I..." Not a sure thing yet, Johnny.

Now, how do we combat this knob getting into office? Unfortunately, in this election, I am torn. In the federal election, I voted NDP, confident in the fact that the rest of the voters wouldn't be short-sighted enough to take the seat from Calder. I was wrong. In this election, I would vote NDP again, but I feel it could be black-balling the Liberals, as their support may not be terribly high. I have not yet decided, and may not decide until the day of.

It's going to be a close election, I just really hope people wake up and realize that this riding and the people in it are taken completely for granted and are seen as people who will vote for the first person to wave a shiny thing in their faces.

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