Monday, March 21, 2005

Stupid Server

A few weeks ago, the geniuses in IT at Georgian decided that the firewall protection on the school's computer system was not nearly adequate; they'd been experiencing some slow load times, due directly to spyware, adware, viruses, and Web Messenger (the horror!).

To correct the problem, they upgraded, and now the school's system is safe again! Hurrah!

Except for the fact that all Messenger programs are disabled (not that I used them a lot anyway, but it helps when you can't find someone in the library), many of Georgian's sites (Blackboard, NIMSEmail) don't work on an increasingly regular basis, and you can't download from Hotmail or other non-school e-mail addresses (which, coupled with the NIMS's unreliability is super when you've e-mailed yourself an assignment).

Then there's the problem of load times - now exponentially slower than before, in the Dark Ages, the Pre-Firewall Ages, the Age of Messenger.

For example, I am posting this at about 12:20 on March 21. I expect it to appear on this site around 5:00 tonight, as I will most likely not be able to republish my blog due to the extended waiting times. It'd be faster to do it on my bloody XBox. Hell, my Gamecube (little trooper that he is) could kick their asses.

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