Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Canadian Celebrities

Is it just me, or do Canadians pick the weirdest celebrities to worship? When it comes to movie stars, we worship the Jim Carreys and Mike Myers' - Canadian celebrities who got their big breaks after moving to the States. And then there are the political celebrities. The Ben Mulroneys and, most recently, the Justin Trudeaus.

Pierre Trudeau's son got married on the weekend, surrounded by throngs of media and well-wishers - including many people that weren't even alive during Trudeau's mandate as Prime Minister, thus not passing his reflected glow onto his son.

Now, don't get me wrong, I guess being impressed by the kids of former Prime Ministers is better than fawning over the circular fame of Paris Hilton, but come on! Mulroney I can understand, he's so completely overexposed himself, it's impossible not to have him seep into your consciousness. Trudeau, however, guards his private life and does not want to grow up to be his father (a fact which people seem to ignore, since now all of a sudden he's projected to be living at 24 Sussex Drive in the near future).

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