Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Weather can't tell time!

I'll admit something right now - if there happened to be a tornado right now, knocking at my bedroom door, firing various basement roughage at me from out of its infernal vortex, I'd probably close the door and maybe run a SpyBot scan on my computer (I do it when I'm bored for some reason).

Ever since May 31st - the 20-year anniversary of the big ass tornado that ripped through Southern Ontario - there have been tornado warnings pretty much every other day. Granted, there have been rather a large number of thunderstorms recently, but there really hasn't been a real reason to fear that we should be hit by another "killer" tornado. No, instead, the resounding theory behind the armageddon of tornadoes to come is that we haven't had one in a while. Plus, the anniversary of the last big one just passed, so really, the time is now.

OK, I'm no scientician, but maybe it's our historical lack of huge tornadoes that's resulting in our recent lack of huge tornadoes. That, and Mother Nature's lack of sensitivity when it comes to important anniversaries. She's spent a lot of nights sleeping on the couch. And that'll put a real crick in your tornado nerve.

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