Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birthday and Baseball

Friday was my cousin Ian's 30th birthday, and today/tonight we had a little barbecue/beer/cake party for him. It was a good time, I don't think we actually took any pictures, so there's nothing of that ilk to post, but Ian did get cake mushed into his face which was really the highlight of the evening.

Before the party, however, was the Jays game. I entered a raffle for the tickets about two weeks ago, but didn't win. Luckily, one of the coordinators I work with did, and I was informed that she might not be able to use them, and if I asked real nice, she might be willing to part with them. As it turned out, that was exactly the case, so I scored four tickets to Toronto and Tampa Bay (yeah, not exactly a Battle of the Titans, but a ball game's a ball game).

Unfortunately, I'm now .500 for the season, after a terrible call by John "Loogie" Hirschbeck and some shaky pitching resulted in a 5-4 loss. I did, however, score two and nearly three autographs as we got there very early. Gustavo Chacin and Miguel Batista hung around for about 30 minutes signing autographs, and Justin Speier (who I didn't get) did about 15 minutes. I will say, I give these guys tons of credit, they were obviously worn out from just having warmed up for 45 minutes, but they still signed a ton of stuff.

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