Saturday, July 09, 2005

Things I Learned in Ottawa

  • Parking in Ottawa is not plentiful
  • Candy stores in Ottawa are more plentiful than in Orangeville
  • An apartment roof is a very good place to watch fireworks
  • Crystal Light Raspberry Slurpees are wonderful
  • So are tiny kites
  • The Museum of Civilization is the happenin' place to be on a Sunday
  • Well...unless you actually want to, you know, see anything in the museum
  • Five hours is nothing when you haven't seen someone in a month
  • The Blue Cactus is a fine, fine eatery
  • That French guy who drives the yellow Honda convertible is a giant knob
  • There's nothing like a good busker on a nice evening
  • It's All Gone, Pete Tong is a very good movie
  • The Machinist is a very strange movie
  • Four days was not long enough

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