Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Original Screenplay

Red Eye
Just Like Heaven
The Fog

Ben and I went to see Red Eye last weekend, and, while the movie was pretty good, the real entertainment came before the movie. We saw previews for the above four movies (plus another one called Into the Blue which looks like utter shite). The plots of these movies?

Stay - Ewan McGregor or Ryan Gosling (not sure which one) can see the future and people's deaths
Flightplan - Jodie Foster's daughter disappears on a plane, and, it turns out, she (the daughter) actually died six days earlier
The Fog - A deadly fog rolls into town and, from the looks of it, it contains dead people
Just Like Heaven - Reese Witherspoon dies in a freak accident, but doesn't realize she's dead (à la Bruce Willis), so she continues to live in her apartment, essentially haunting Mark Ruffalo

What, did you guys all show up at the same party?

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