Monday, August 29, 2005

Why I'm a Last Minute Kind of Person

Carley and I are going camping tomorrow for four days. She had made all the plans, is bringing about 93% of the necessities, is driving, and has asked me to do nothing more than pack. And I have managed to screw it up.

We are going for four days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I've packed enough clothing for four days, plus something warm just in case we get nailed by whatever hurricane is currently destroying Florida.

Now, the only problem with this otherwise bulletproof packing plan is that, being the fashion icon that I am, I do intend to wear clothes to the campground, thus leaving me with one extra ensemble which will wind up being unnecessary.

On a side note, I am sure I will forget one toiletry item. Probably Q-tips, but, luckily, I will have plenty of clothes at my disposal.

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