Friday, August 12, 2005

You can't have my shiny thing

I clicked the wrong link the other day, and it took me to my User Profile for my LiveJournal account. I figured, what the hell, while I'm here, let's look around. I haven't checked the thing in a while, so why not?

I have five interests listed (because I'm boring and uncreative, and couldn't really think of anything clever): The Force, Thunderstorms, Obscure Movie References, Incan Matrimonial Headmasks, and...Shiny Things. I like shiny things. I mean, who doesn't? Out of further curiosity, I decided to check how many people were interested in the same things that I am (oh, how I yearn for acceptance). I figured the force and thunderstorms would rank up there pretty high being firstly generic and secondly geeky. I also figured the movie references would rank fairly high. The headmasks thing is a stupid one, but there is one other person with the same thing (and only that one thing).

The shocking thing? Shiny things rank (barely) #2 behind thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms - 472 Users, 273 Communities
Shiny Things - 461 Users, 273 Communities
The Force - 418 Users, 139 Communities
Obscure Movie References - 6 Users, 1 Community
Incan Matrimonial Headmasks - 2 Users

About 50 more people are interested in shiny things than the force. And there are nearly twice as many communities dedicated to the discussion and dissection of shiny thing culture; the shiny thing "scene" if you will. Apparently there are a lot more people batting around balls of tinfoil than trying to move those balls with their minds.

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