Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Almost Made It...

I promised myself before this semester started (specifically, the night before) that I would make this a doodle-free semester. You see, I have a problem with getting bored in class, and doodling on the nearest piece of paper, thus completely, for the most part, ignoring what's going on in class. I made a pact that I would not doodle this semester.

That promise lasted six days. It would have been seven, but, obviously, Labour Day doesn't count.

I just got really bored in my Personal Selling class, seeing as it's three hours long, it's the last three hours of a six-hour block, and my class really has nothing pertinent to say (not the class itself, the people in my class).

It started off as a crude weapon, then because a mouth (kinda like Duckman's beak). From there, it became a dense cityscape, with what may or may not be the CN Tower in the background. I say may not, because I do not recall ever seeing the Bat Signal emitted from the top of the CN Tower. The city is also being overrun by what appears to be the bastard monster of a checkerboard and scaffolding. It may also have teeth, I can't tell what they are. Oh, and it's snowing. Or raining maybe. Nope, it's definitely snow.

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