Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Auto Show…be gone!

Today is the final day of the auto show. Thank merciful, bile-spewing Satan, it's over. I have now missed both of my business finance classes because I have been more than 25 minutes late and, really, there's no point in going at all once you've missed half the class. Plus, they're both at 8 am, so the extra sleep would have been really super.

Now, I've complained about this before, but for some reason, this year's edition of the auto show is bugging me even more. Perhaps it's because last year I really didn't have any early classes - whereas this year, it goes 8, 8, 9, 10 - or maybe there's still a little pent up hatred from last year, but this year has really pissed me off.

For those that decided not to follow that link up there, let me explain the magic and mystery of the Georgian College Auto Show to you:

It is a week-long show that takes up three of the largest parking lots in a school desperately in need of more parking and that closes the main entrance to the school. Which means, not only are there scalpers on the side of the road selling parking spots to the highest bidder, every bit of traffic has to funnel through two traffic lights to get into the sole remaining entrance.

SIDENOTE: Speaking of the traffic lights, for those that live in Orangeville, picture these traffic lights like Broadway at noon. You know, where you can get five cars through per green light because of how poorly they are timed.

SIDENOTE, THE SECOND: The cars at the show are all new cars, no classics, just the late '05 and '06 models. So, basically, what you're telling me is that you've closed down half the school for something that could be accomplished by driving along Maple View Road, stopping at the dealerships, and looking around?

So far, I've been trapped driving around in the parking lot one night because I was foolish enough to make sure a girl got into her car alright, and then got stuck inside of road blocks (I drove through one that was conveniently taken down, and then put back up once security noticed), and have missed two classes.

The first day, I saw the huge (seriously, 100 cars, easy) lineup at my exit, so I decided to bypass it, turn around at the next exit, and approach it going south on the 400. Apparently it was too early, because I forgot that the Duckworth exit is the last civilized exit on the 400, so I wound up driving halfway to Milton before I could turn around.

I probably wouldn't have fared much better had I waited in the lineup, as I did today, waiting patiently as drivers let other people in front of us because those other people didn't really feel like waiting. Then I got behind a graduate from Boris' House of Soviet Driving Instruction, who didn't really see a need to pull up close behind the person in front of him and instead left about two-and-a-half car lengths of room while people tried to cram into a left hand turn lane behind us.

All this, and, knowing this school and its impeccable accounting record, it's probably losing about $1.5 million.

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