Saturday, September 24, 2005

Digital vs. 35-mm

I covered the Georgian men's basketball team's exhibition game against the Ryerson Rams on Friday night and discovered that once I get my digital camera, covering sporting events will be much, much different.


Consider the following:

  • With digital, you have a much better idea of light quality because you can see pictures right away. Although, I had no problems with lighting
  • With digital, you don't run out of film. I thought ahead and bought a second roll, but I blew the first roll about seven minutes into the first half
  • My 35-mm is way, way cooler than the digital. Aesthetically, I mean
  • I imagine it will be easier to follow the play with a 1.8" LCD screen than through the viewer of a 35-mm
  • With digital, you can take as many or as few pictures as you want; you don't need to worry about getting to the end of the roll to get it developed
  • With digital, when you're trying to burn through the last six exposures on the roll in the last 15 seconds of the game and the God damned Rams tie it with a buzzer-beater, you won't be stuck with only one picture for the entire overtime period
All in all, though, I got some good pictures. I may post some later, haven't decided.

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