Friday, September 02, 2005

Now for My Favourite Part of the Show

I am now going to try and call Fido to cancel my cell phone. It has nearly been four weeks since I bought my new cell phone, my Fido phone has been dead for three weeks, and yet, I can still not get through to cancel my service. A little recap for those that I haven't complained about this to:
  • Called 7 times to the number on my Fido invoices
    • 3 "We are experiencing technical difficulties"
    • 2 Disconnected
    • 1 "Oh, I'm sorry, that division is not open on weekends" *dialtone*
    • 1 "Oh, I'm sorry, this is actually the number you have to call"
I have now called the new number six times, and sat on hold for nearly an hour. The only time I have actually managed to out-wait them (it's hard to do it when you're trying to do it at work and you actually have, you know, a job to do), they hung up on me. I was away from the phone (honestly) just initialing a piece of paper when they came on. The girl next to the phone picked up and told them she'd grab me; I just stepped away for a second. Somewhere in the eleven seconds it took me to get to the phone, they hung up.

And here is the absolutely brilliant part. I was on hold for so long because of an "unexpectedly high number of cancellation requests". I'll leave that with you.

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