Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Various Barrie-related Subjects

I just called a guy about an apartment that Carley and I went and looked at last week, but he wasn't home and doesn't have an answering machine. Hopefully he has call display. I finally get up the nerve to call the guy, and he's not home. Dang it. Dang it all to heck.

On other Barrie notes, I am beginning what is, by far, the stupidest assignment I have ever done.

It is for my Personal Selling (AKA three-hour block/doodle) class. It's too stupid to even explain; you have to read it yourself:

Assignment #1
Interviewing a Salesperson

This is an individual assignment where you will discover the challenges and opportunities facing professional salespeople.

You will identify your interviewee by
job title.
Provide a description of his/her selling situation – the type of selling done, where it happens, and the type of customer.

You are to identify
the major components or parts of his/her job (for example, prospecting, researching, making presentations, training, service and follow-up).
what part or parts of the job are enjoyed most, and why.
the part or parts of the job are found least interesting, and why.
the aspect of the job that is most challenging.
what he/she believes are the most important attributes and skills for being successful in the job.

Your findings will be submitted in a formal, written report that is comprised of
· a cover page,
· a summary of the interview
· the report itself (please double space).

Professional appearance is very important.

As well as your findings, your report will contain:
a list of the questions you prepared before your interview to insure that you cover everything that you need to and also to assist you in appearing prepared and professional. This will not be a formal questionnaire.
a copy of the letter you have written to your interviewee after the interview thanking him/her for his/her time and consideration.
the salesperson’s business card.

These items will be included in appendices, which you will have referred to in the body of your report.

Due date: Wednesday,September 21, 2005 (12 noon)

(This assignment is worth 15% of your final mark)

The last part was edited by me, for the record. I just made it bigger and redder. That was worth 15% of this post.

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