Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Even if they lose...

For those that don't see the intrinsic beauty in the game of baseball, they need look no further than Brandon Backe's slider tonight. Save for a couple that he left up that resulted in hits, the pitch dove and darted away from White Sox hitters all night. It had eyes; deftly avoiding hitter's bats and leaving them wondering how they missed it.

Even if the Astros lose tonight - and it will certainly not be from a lack of effort this Series - the story of the game will be the pitching performances of Backe and Chicago's Freddy Garcia.

SIDEBAR: It's now the bottom of the ninth, Chicago's up 1-0. I have decided I will stay up, despite working at 5:45 tomorrow morning. I wish I could watch it, but an ESPN GameCast will do until I see highlights tomorrow.

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