Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yeah, you heard me. And most of the people around me in the library heard me too (I forgot to use my inside voice).

There are basically three-and-a-half to four weeks left in school. And about eight weeks worth of assignments and tests to do. Now, I know I'm not a physicist, but the concept of the space-time continuum is not entirely lost on me. As the semester bobbed along into November, I realized that in all my classes, we'd done, maybe, a third of our work for the year. So...eight weeks out of a 14-week semester, and we've done less than half the work.

Don't believe me? I have five classes (well, six, but in that one we watch movies; no tests). As of today, I have a grand total of one class where I have taken more than one test. Basically, before exams, that leaves six tests, plus an exam. Good ratio.

I also have five large (as in "A Good 20% of my Mark" large) assignments due before the end of the first week of December (three are due next week!).

Now, I'm not normally one to bitch about workloads. I'll bitch about teachers (rarely), classes (occasionally), fellow students (fairly often), and breaks in between classes (I have a recording of me bitching), but I don't normally care about workloads. I just wish my profs, when they got together over their early-semester coffee, had not required that all of our work be done in the last time-bending month of the semester.

Should you see me in the year 2020 still looking a spritely 22, don't worry, I was just travelling at the speed of light for a little while.

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