Monday, November 14, 2005

I Think I Get It Now

Carley and I have started watching the first season of Lost over the last couple of weeks. We both half-expected it to be kinda stupid, and while it's lived up to our expectations for the most part, we can't turn away (well, I can't turn away, I don't know if Carley's quite as interested as I am, she does tend to be slightly more rational than I am in her choices of entertainment).

Despite the problems1 with the show, I actually want to continue watching it. It hasn't quite gripped me the way previous shows on DVD have (Sports Night, Scrubs, House) wherein I can easily stay up until six o'clock in the morning watching an entire season, but I do find myself rather enthralled.

So, I guess I can understand its popularity.

1 - Oh, you don't think there are problems with the show? Allow me to illustrate:
  • The engine remained operational an awful long time after it came apart from the plane
  • You don't get sucked into a jet engine from 15 feet away
  • Many of the survivors are apparently useless, seeing as there's nearly 50 of them, but we only see about a dozen
  • Thank God there's a doctor, an electrical engineer, and a hunter among this random selection of people. All they need is a shipwright or a pilot, and they'll be outta there!
  • Where, on a flight from Australia, are the Australians?
  • Locke can freaking walk
  • How are there any trees left if "the monster" bashes them down everywhere he walks?
  • And, for that matter, what has he been munching on these last 16 years? So far we've seen a few pigs and a polar bear
  • Oh yeah. There's polar bears!
  • As of yet, no one has constructed a single thing out of a coconut
And, despite the many faults in the first four episodes (yes, I'm sure some of these will be rectified in the coming episodes), I can not seem to turn away.

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