Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Minor Annoyances

I finally got my story published in the Georgian Eye at school. Some problems, though:
  1. It was my story from last month, not this month
  2. Only one picture of the many I took
  3. No By-line!!
They are just minor annoyances, really. I mean, none of the main sports' (no offence cross-country running) regular seasons have started yet (I shall be quite dead on November 12th by the way), so I haven't had any particularly big news to report on. Plus, I have gotten my stories in at the very brink of the deadline, and the guy's got a lot of stuff to do, so really, I shouldn't be terribly shocked.

SIDENOTE: I did get about 20 pictures in about a week before the deadline for this month's paper, so I was a little disappointed that none were in there.

But, at the very least, I'm published. And I'm getting to know most of the coaches and players, so I've got a start. Maybe things'll start rolling next month.

The no by-line's bugging me more and more, though.

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