Thursday, January 05, 2006

13½-hour days are not the worst things ever

After working for 13½ hours for the second day in a row and thinking that my night could really not get any worse, the following happened, in very short succession:

1. Went to the SAC office, picked up January's copy of the Georgian Eye, and saw my most recent story, in a two-page (well, one-and-a-half-page) spread that includes five pictures
2. Picked up a message from my dad saying that the season premiere of Scrubs was on, and there were in fact two new episodes
3. Got a call from Carley (whom I informed about Scrubs, for which I think she was quite happy), and we were able to catch up and will hopefully get together sometime next week

Also, the following day I got the application package for the Marketing and Promotions Co-Ordinator for the SAA. So, despite having now worked 54 hours in the past four days, this week has actually turned out quite alright.

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