Thursday, January 12, 2006

On the Campaign Trail '06

Today officially began campaigning for the SAA positions for 2006 - including campaigning for Marketing and Promotions Co-ordinator, for which I am running.

After getting signatures from 51 students, a co-ordinator, three faculty members, a Vice-President and a President, I now have a week to campaign against my opponent, who's name has slipped my mind.

So far, I have made four campaign posters, none of which have a picture of me on them (nor do they have anyone with their mouths agape). Instead, I have chosen to go the obvious, pop culture-y, dork route and make a clever play on my last name.

So, I have chosen the following four people/animals to represent me:

JawsNemoBlinkyAbe Vigoda

Yes. I went there.

So, on January 19th, vote for me for Marketing and Promotions Co-ordinator for the SAA.

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