Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Week, in pieces

Piece 2: Lacrosse and a lost cell phone

Again with the birthdays. It was my mum's on Saturday, so on Friday (I have a thing for doing birthday stuff a day or two off) we went to the Rock game - my first Rock game of the year, and hopefully not the last, wink wink nudge nudge.

The day started off with me realising that I had forgotten the tickets around Highways 9 and 50 at around 3:30. Seeing as how I was picking up my mum (who works at Steeles Ave. and Bramalea Rd.) at 4:30 and the tickets were in Barrie...well, you do the math. So, I didn't wind up getting down to her until about 5, and we didn't get to Yorkdale for dinner until about 6. Once again, it's math time, as you have to factor in dinner, the 25-minute subway ride to Union Station, and getting to our seats for the 7:30 start.

As it turned out, we got there at about 7:10, as our dinner came at light speed. I'm not entirely sure why we were able to get dinner that quickly, but it tasted good, so I decided not to question its hastiness.

But we made it, saw a fight and an almost fight in the stands, and Matt Shearer won it for the Rock about 30 seconds into overtime. Boo-freaking-yeah. I have only seen the Rock lose once, by far my best record for sporting events. Even bloody Liverpool lost at the soccer game we went to!

Now, as for the cell phone, during halftime, I sat down and my cell phone holder got caught on the arm of the chair, knocking my phone out of my pocket. Not a big deal, right? Well, the big hole in the stands behind me felt it was a very big deal, so my cell phone is now in the bowels of the Air Canada Centre.

Other than that and our train going out of service at Glencairn on the way home, it was an excellent day, and a great way to finish off the February birthday extravaganza.

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