Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

As previously stated, the men's and women's volleyball teams were at Humber this past weekend for the OCAA championships.

Unfortunately, I didn't get down to the game on Thursday, as I had to work the next morning, and was running on about three hours of sleep a night. I wish I had gone, since I would have seen the only win of the weekend - the men upsetting Fanshawe in five sets.

But, I made it down on Friday after work - where I just kinda left, albeit an hour-and-a-half after my shift had ended - where I saw the women lose an absolutely heartbreaking game in five sets, knocking them out of the tournament. Then the men, quite honestly, were humiliated in three sets, and went into the bronze medal bracket and would be playing Humber at 11 on Saturday.

Saturday showed some promise, as the Grizzlies won the first set, but, again, they kinda got their doors blown off and lost 3-1, knocking them, too, out of the tourney.

So, while it was not a successful weekend medal-wise, the fact that either team even made it was amazing. The women's side hasn't been in the playoffs for 13 years or something like that, and this was supposed to be a "rebuilding" year for a men; they weren't even expecting a winning record.

I promise - cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, never watch a women's volleyball game again - that I will post a few good pictures of both teams by the end of the week.

(And of the women's and men's basketball teams, once their playoffs - which both teams are in - are over.)

(It was also quite fun to walk around Humber again, even though the halls were empty and the inside of the school really hasn't changed.)

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