Saturday, March 11, 2006

(Working Title)

In the real world, I lead a boring life. I read, I watch TV, I go to work, I sleep, I eat; not necessarily in that order. I love baseball. I love the statistical analysis of baseball. That screams dork.

But that's the real world (no, this will not turn into a Matrix reference. Although I am fond of The Matrix. Dork.)

In the fantasy world, I lead a life that is playing out much like a sitcom might. I say a sitcom, because my life does not have the flash and sizzle of a crime drama, nor does it have there anything else on TV these days?

Anyway, like I was saying, life, me, sitcom. Really, many of the necessary pieces are there:
  • I work at a gym which, as we learned from Seinfeld, is, in fact, a place where people meet
  • There is a wide cast of regular characters
  • There is an excellent supporting cast of characters that appear in three- or four-episode arcs (depending on how often I see them)
  • There are several love interests among the characters (Coke Girl, Tour Guide Lady, any member of the guy's basketball team)
  • I have not one, but two wacky bosses
Clearly, this is a very marketable show. I don't yet know my neighbours, but I'm sure they could be very serviceable in a comedic role. Also, I will probably be getting a new roommate in the near future, and who knows the possibilities that could hold.

So, really, all I need is a good title and I should be good to go. Anyone interested in making what is clearly a rock-solid investment should get on board right away.

(Sigh...I need a life.)

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