Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I could be doing work, but...

...I'd much rather post here and say thank you to everyone that made my birthday much better than I normally expect birthdays to be.

The birthday stretch began on Friday (Nad's birthday), when we went to Shirra's art show ("Hey Fish, what did you do on Friday?" "Went to a gay bar. Again."), although it was far less entertaining than last time, seeing as the place was virtually deserted. So, we played a little pool, Chelsea and I falling dejectedly into the loser's circle, and then went to the Queen's, which I was able to tough out for an hour before I decided it would be best to drive home

Sidenote: Contacts that have been in for 13 hours + driving 90 kilometres at 1 AM = funny lights on the horizon with slight swerving.

On Saturday (Gill's birthday), I went with my dad and 50,012 of our closest friends to the Jays game (the one they lost to the Yankees, of course). I was going to make this a separate post, but:

Some Poignant and Pointless Facts Learned From The Jays Game
  • Alex Rodriguez is not overrated. Overpaid, yes. Overrated, no. Of course, he did get a golden sombrero in Saturday's game...

  • John Gibbons is far too enamoured with his bullpen, particularly his lefties

  • To work at the concession booths at Rogers Centre, you must have a 10th-grade (at best) mustache

  • Snakes on a Plane comes out on August 18. I knew that, but was reminded a lot

Finally, Sunday (my birthday) started off with a lonely, lonely 4-hour shift (one no-show, one "sick"), then I went home, went out to lunch, then went out to...something, I don't know what you'd call it...for my cousin Kyle, who's birthday is on the 31st, and who also just became a World Field Lacrosse Champion with Team Canada the day before. If I had thought, I would have brought something to get signed, seeing as Kyle, Brandon, and Brodie Merrill were all there, and getting something, anything signed would have been pretty cool.

I bailed out of there pretty quick, to see Lady in the Water with (deep breath) Carley, Andy, Morgan, Meaghan, Nathan, Ben, and Nancy (exhale). I was given far too much by all of them but I'm starting to realize that my friends are, without a doubt, the best gift-givers ever. Oh, and card-givers. From who else could I get a fuzzy penguin anniversary card?

But, for now, back to work; I may review the movie later, and I must spread the gospel of Martini Mondays soon, but for now, I have a stupid, stupid web assignment to do.

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