Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Summer of our Discontent

As I sit here at work, alone and hoping that the person who called in "sick" is enjoying whatever beach she has gone to, I am tempted to sit back and reflect upon this summer semester.

This is partially due to Carley's most recent post, and partially due to our little meet-n-greet at Chez Nancy last night (at which, let it be known, I was quite unequivocally the minority gender-wise).

As my summer semester at school winds down, I am forced to admit that it was neither as good nor as bad as I was expecting (much like World Trade Center), but rather a beigey middle ground.

Virtually everything in the school is closed, save Tim Horton's, and I spent many classes enjoying the outdoors, but the school was a haven from the annual heat tsunami and there is something to be said for working in a gym during the summer.

The semester was quite painfully work-packed, with two semester-long assignments, various presentations, a book and film review, and teachers who, more often than not, were far too lax in their marking (I am still waiting for the return of my film review, worth 25% of my final mark in Sports in Literature & Film, which he has now had for four weeks and three days). Save for a possible black mark in my Web Marketing class (in which we learned little marketing and less about the web), my marks should be fine, so I don't really care.

It has been four months filled with various injuries. The sprained ankle is old news, as are the scrapes and scratches from skateboarding - the scars from which, by the way, have healed nicely, while the scars picked up in separate incidents of scaling a fence and sliding on the gym floor will clearly be with me forever - but I also found out what it feels like trying to break up a double play while wearing shorts and playing on a gravel field. That too, has healed incredibly well, although mosquitoes are strangely drawn to it.

I have spent more time at clubs and bars over the course of this semester than in my previous 22 years. Martini Monday has become a weekly tradition (as manager of Team Holly, I do have certain duties to uphold), as is evidenced by Mike the Bartender's knowledge of our drinking habits.

My journey to Wasaga (my first ever), plus a couple of forays to Barrie's waterfront pretty much fulfills my sand and surf quota for two summers; although there is excellent ice cream available at the waterfront.

Cinematically, this was not a particularly wonderful summer. I have seen the blockbusters, but the movie I was dying to see turned out to be as excellent as I could have hoped; that, coupled with the cute ticket girl, made that an even more spectacular night.

Five Jays games. A birthday. Much fun had on the rockwall. Time to work out. Many new people met. Trips to Guelph. All things good about this summer.

Not enough pictures taken. Not enough time to be home and see people. Not nearly enough time between assignments. Too many pies to the face. All things that, given the chance, I would not change because they made this summer how it was.

I also spent three excellent days with people of whom I really wish I could see more; hopefully connections which have been re-established will stay strong, even as more distance is put between everyone. I am very thankful for the people who still find it possible to put up with me, even if only for short bursts. I can count on one hand the people in my life for whom I would go to any length; this summer I was able to spend time with all of them.

And that was all. Save for one presentation and a stats exam, I am done school for the semester. I have a co-op next semester, and I will be covering varsity again, and hopefully marketing the bejeezus out of the OCAA volleyball championships for March.

With any luck, everyone will be able to get together again before the horrible people that don't have school in the summer go back.

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