Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Week of Having Friends!

Honestly, that title makes this post seem like it's going to be a sad, lamentable tale filled with woe (or rather, the 7-day defeat of woe), but rather, it is an upbeat tale filled with the rediscovery of old friends.

It all began this past Sunday when Ben, Scott, Nad (yes, that Nad) and I went to see the Jays snap their rather pitiful seven-game losing skid. The seats were excellent, although, save for a rather merciful cloud interruption in the 7th inning - well, about 30 seconds of the 7th inning - we were in the sun for the entire game.

Afterwards, we randomly (quite randomly, in fact) wound up driving to Guelph to see A Scanner Darkly in a wonderful little cinema called The Bookshelf - if it's not cruddy and cramped, the teeny theatres are best. The movie is excellent, Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Harrelson were fantastic (the movie was in large part about drugs; I think they know a thing or two), and the trip was excellent. Yes, we traveled several hundred kilometres (Orangeville/Kitchener-Toronto-Orangeville-Guelph-Orangeville/Kitchener), but it was more than worth it.

And, the Week of Having Friends will conclude this coming Saturday when we (some of we, at least) will be congregating at Nancy's homestead for a barbe-camping-fire-cue. At this function, barring any unfortunate incident possibly involving coconuts, I will get to see not only Nancy, potentially Meaghan, but also Carley! It will be nearly a repeat of my wonderful birthday celebration, with any luck, and even if things can not get organized before the 7 pm planned starting time, the day will be excellent.

In between the beginning and the end, this has been a week of getting to know new friends over martinis and (hopefully sometime soon) Japanese cuisine and, apparently, pairing up best friends and co-workers. The Week of Having Friends has been nothing if not beneficial to all.

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