Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mike and the Amazing Technicolor Kneecap

Well, technically, it's not my kneecap, more the soft tissue of the medial side of my knee, but that doesn't quite have the same ring.

Now, the reason that my knee is technicolor is because, while I am not particularly gifted at volleyball, I still attempt to play it. And I play it hard, as I do every sport I attempt to play (excluding baseball, I can actually play baseball). Long story short, a couple of digs + no knee pads = technicolor knee.

But, that is not in fact what I wanted to post about.

I want to post about myriad other subjects, not the least of which is that both Rob Adams and Nick Garisto are running for Mayor in Orangeville. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don't. Seriously, which one do you vote for? (The easy answer is Adams; totally the lesser of two evils).

I would also like to post, as I mentioned previously, about Carley. In essence, Carley has moved from being two hours southwest of me to two hours southeast of me; pretty much the dictionary definition of a lateral move.

Actually, in reality, she is preparing to set the world on fire as a Trent University student, once again proving, despite what she says, that she is absolutely and without a doubt my superior.

I was unable to say goodbye to her before she left, but, as selfish as it sounds, I've already said goodbye to her once, and that was more than enough. On a related selfish note, Peterborough has got a wicked zoo. I'm sure Carley will come with me to said zoo, because she knows that she can easily ditch me as I watch the lemurs.

(Whoa...totally just looked at the front page of the Trent website...the dude in the blue shirt's kinda freaking me out...)

OK, this has clearly taken on a stream of consciousness turn that I was not expecting it to; let's chalk it up to tiredness (I mean, I've nearly been up for 12 hours, for God's sake).

I'll wrap this up by saying that I:

1) Am no good at volleyball, but I'll damn sure try
2) Will probably not be around to vote for Orangeville's mayor, but if you're going to for a third-party candidate
3) Am still amazed by everything Carley, and will do my best to make sure she knows that

I am now off to watch Arrested Development before bed.

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