Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Reading Week That Never Was

There is a group of people living and walking among us that are among the most disadvantaged in the world. Who are these people? Is there a Third Cup? And what's with the little bag of peanuts? Sorry. Sorry. Anyway, these people are students!! (If this were a TV show, the camera would zoom in and out repeatedly).

You see, we co-op students are not lucky enough to enjoy the luxury that is your "reading week". You see, we, being vital cogs in the co-operative educational structure (or C.E.S. for short), must remain at our placements while the rest of you are off "partying down". As you can see, it's a real problem. Please send all donations to P.O. Box 138, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 2Y7.

On the bright side of things, my non-reading week was actually rather spectacular. Despite the carlessness (since rectified), the week had many more ups than downs:

  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent has been purchased and has been played relentlessly
  • Got offered a job at EB Games while buying Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  • One excellent movie was watched, as well as one movie with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman
  • Daylight Savings Time ended; huzzah for a free hour of sleep! April's lucky
  • Saw four volleyball games, three of them wins
  • Watched two excellent Criminal Minds, and two cosmically, universally awful CSI:Miami episodes

Now...there was one other thing...something at the start of the week...what was it? Oh! Of course! Ben1, myself, and...ah...damn...who was it (clearly, I am willing to take my life in my hands at this point)...went and saw The Prestige. Of course, the young lady with whom we saw the movie was Carley, the seeing of whom I had previously stated would be one of the only things to get me through this unfair week of schoolessness.

She came up on Saturday, I was Oscar-worthy in my role of "Bad Host Whose Brain Couldn't Get Past The Thought Of 'Carley's coming up!' To Actually Plan Anything", we watched several hours of Arrested Development and Scrubs (the fifth season), then went to the movie. I think I liked it more than Ben and Car, but, given the choice, I still preferred The Illusionist.

The movie was followed up with coffee at Tim's with Holly, where we (I hate to brag, but I think a lot of it was me) were given quite the tongue-lashing by a crazy, drunk girl. We were all very tired, so coffee was fairly uneventful except for our guided tour through the lunatic asylum's Duckworth wing, so we mostly just retired to our separate quarters for the night. Carley and I went out to breakfast the next morning (where she talked, and I watched her, realising that if she does even half of what she wants to do, she will funadmentally change the world) and watched some more Scrubs before she headed home to see Nancy and Meaghan2 and finally home to Stratford.

The moral of this story, of course, is that even if you did not get a reading week, a movie, coffee and a show, and seeing people you wish you could see more often make missing out on the parties3 all worthwhile.

1 - Ben moved in with his brother. I wasn't able to help (well, I guess I could have been, but plans changed a little), and, from what I've heard, it went alright. Not quite as smoothly as expected, but there were two Gills and a Robinson involved in this process, so...oh, and thank you, Mr. Gill, for giving me a ride home on Friday, if for no other reason than you got your Wizard

2 - The excellent movie I saw was The Departed, which I saw with Meaghan, her sisters, and some friends. As you've probably guessed by my italics, it is excellent. Everyone must go and see it, post haste

3 - I know there wasn't a lot of partying (well, there was, but partying by people that probably won't be making the Dean's List this year). I know that Carley read her butt off, Meaghan went home a day early, and a trip to the Science Centre cost Nancy an entire day's worth of work. Even so, the poor, under-privileged co-op student angle doesn't work without the "partying down"

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