Saturday, November 18, 2006

Are You Leader Material?

After a four-day (well, three-and-a-half day) leadership conference in Waterloo this past weekend, I have divised a quick survey to find out if you (yes, you) have what it takes to be a leader:

1. How would you rate your laugh?
a. Hearty and loud (3 points)
b. Quiet and reserved (1 point)
c. Self-satisfied (5 points)

2. How long would it take you to fix the world?
a. A lifetime, maybe more (3 points)
b. It can't be done (1 point)
c. By St. Swiven's Day, at the latest (5 points)

3. How many business cards did you bring?
a. 10 or 20 (3 points)
b. None, totally forgot, I'll probably just give out my e-mail address (1 point)
c. I have a convenient wrist dispenser for easy access (5 points)

4. How many speakers have you asked to appear at one of your functions?
a. Only the best of the best, money doesn't grow on trees (3 points)
b. None, but they've given me some ideas, we might call one of two back (1 point)
c. Money be damned! Invite them all! (5 points)

5. How many acronyms have you memorised?
a. I think I can remember what CASTLE means (3 points)
b. More importantly, how long do you think it took to come up with some of those? (1 point)
c. I.O.S.I.A.N.1 (5 points)

6. Do you feel like more of a leader after this weekend?
a. I took some good things out of it - I had a very good time (3 points)
b. Being a leader looks like so much work (1 point)
c. can't really improve on perfection (5 points)

Now, tabulate your score and refer to the handy chart below:

23-30: Superleader! Consider beginning your own cult2, or, at the very least, running for some kind of public office. Your immeasurable sense of self-satisfaction and purpose makes you the perfect person to make people do things they don't want to while making them believe they want to
14-22: Not quite cult leader material, but you'll lead well. You probably are the type of leader that's willing to throw yourself into a project, and your employees love you for it. You probably have nothing to worry about at the Christmas party
6-13: You weren't registered for the conference, were you? You came for the free food, didn't you?

Actually, in all honesty, the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership, put on by Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo was actually a lot of fun, even if there was an uncomfortably high number of world-changing go-getters in one place.

It was interesting to see what other schools were doing, and, as it was at Laurier, the trip gave me opportunity to see Nad. All in all, it was a pretty cool weekend, but honestly, I don't think I'm the right person to send to these things. Is it wrong to not get the fuzzies when a professional "leader" holds up a copy of your business card? I don't think so.

1 - I Only Speak In Acronyms Now
2 - As it turns out, one of our speakers is a cult leader of sorts. And, I mean, really, doesn't he just look like one?

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