Monday, November 06, 2006

The Curative Properties of Ball Hockey?

I went to play ball hockey with Ben, his brother, and a couple of their collective roommates last week. Now, my left ankle is still feeling the sting of my mis-calculated landing nearly six months ago, so any sustained physical activity makes it feel not so great (about a week earlier, I played about three hours of basketball and another of soccer - this was a mistake).

Nonetheless, I partook of said ball hockey action. After two hours of somewhat intense play - a goal and an assist, thank you very much - yes, my ankle was a little worse for wear. Said pain continued well into the next night - and had the Badminton Tournament That Wouldn't End not used all the ice, I probably could have helped myself a little - yet, on Saturday, I felt rejuvenated. I can go up and down stairs with very little discomfort, I can run for a longer period of time than I have for, well, six months, and, overall, it seems to be stronger.

Could ball hockey hold some secret curative properties?1 Could it have been used by some ancient civilizations to battle off plagues and combat other assorted maladies? Are there secrets that can be used in the fight against today's worst diseases?

On a sidenote, why in the world do so few people suddenly shoot left-handed? When we went to purchase our sticks (for I no longer own a ball hockey stick), there were racks upon racks of righties, but only one of lefties. What is our society coming to when people are unwilling to imitate some of the greatest players (including the two greatest) of all-time in shot selection? Despicable.

1 - Probably not. Ben got hit square in the...well, guess. Where else do people get hit when you preface the location with "square in the"?...and he did not seem to be feeling particularly healthy.

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