Monday, January 01, 2007

An Update Despite Wicked Writer's Block

Alright, so, I've basically considered YouTube posts to be excuses not to do real posts for about the last three weeks. This can partially be chalked up to it being the holidays, partially to what is, in fact, a fairly boring life, and, partially, to, yes, sheer laziness.

I have, however, been going through a wicked string of writer's block - believe in it or not - so whatever I would write about would probably be something along the lines of: "I went to work today. It was fun. There were no explosions. I came home afterwards."

But, in the interest of time-wasting, here, now, is a bit of a recap of 2006 (I'll try to remember everyone I can), in no particular order:

  • I saw several Jays games, Leaf games, a Rock game, and countless Georgian College volleyball, basketball, and rugby games. Not to mention the OCAA Volleyball Championships at Humber College, and the Men's Basketball Championship at Centennial College
  • I gave in to the lure of Facebook, and have forever branded myself a giant dork
  • I saw countless movies with countless people, and, if you'll indulge me, I'll try to remember at least one movie per person: Babel and Brokeback Mountain with Carley, Click with Morgan, Mission Impossible 3 with Aly, Saw III with Meaghan, Hostel with John, Silent Hill with Shirra, Stranger Than Fiction with Nad, Night at the Museum with Megan, Borat with Nancy, Lady in the Water with Andy, Snakes on a Plane and District B13 with Ben, Accepted and The Good Shepherd all alone
  • Sprained my ankle in May and (probably) broke my pinky in November
  • Read far more books than I usually do in a year, the most recent of which I finished today (bought it on Thursday, a new record, I think)
  • I turned 23, and watched others around me turn 21, 22, 23, and 50 at different times
  • Saw Lewis Black in concert
  • Watched a baseball game at Fenway Park
  • Traveled, at various times, to Stratford, Peterborough, Waterloo, Owen Sound, and Barrie
  • Ben lived on my couch, then in my room, then with a mop dog, then with his brother
  • Carley came and visited me twice, once under unfortunate circumstances, and I went and saw her twice. Other times, we met up where we could. She is still willing to put up with me, and that constitutes a good year on its own
  • I went on a whopping two dates. Huzzah, I suck
  • I went to school for four months
  • The cats pretty much use me as a source of food and attention
  • Italy won the World Cup. England and Holland disappointed
I think I will turn this off here, as I started writing this about two hours ago. I realize I've forgotten several things, but suffice to say, I spent a lot of time with people in 2006. That's an odd thing to say, I'm sure, and it makes some people think I lead something of an exciting life, but it's really the best way to put it. I tried my best to be around people that make me happy, and I think I achieved that in spades; when I wanted to be alone, there were always movies.

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