Monday, March 26, 2007

What the hell is going on here?

So, once again, I've been tremendously lazy in updating this, so let's give it a try and see what I can get dashed off quickly:

  • Finger Eleven's new album gets better and better with each listen (by this I mean, I wasn't particularly impressed at first, and now I can't put it down)
  • Half Nelson with Ryan "Breaker High" Gosling is very good
  • Miranda and I have been going out for two months in about one hour's time
  • Had to buy a second Athlon baseball guide; don't know where the first one went, and I was only up to Cincinnati's team preview
  • Bought the 2007 NLL Yearbook, where, on page 39, you will find my cousin
  • Speaking of lacrosse, went to my second game of the year, an overtime loss to Gee Nash and the defending champion Colorado Mammoth - the first time I've seen the Rock lose live
  • Saw 300. Will most likely see it again
  • Took the long way home from Blue Mountain - as in, through Alliston
  • Got by far the world's biggest cherry cheesecake ice cream cone with Ben and Kate
  • Nearly done this semester of school, as well as SAC Presidency
  • Fantasy baseball draft complete. Among the notables - Roy Halladay, Travis Hafner, Carl Crawford
  • Have bonded with Wade, we will apparently be moving in together come September

I believe that summarizes nicely enough to cover me for a little while. Also, Easter is coming soon, perhaps I will see people.

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