Monday, April 30, 2007

The End of the Semester, and No Rest in Sight

I actually started this post last night, but the Stupid Fibbing Volleyball Nurses (formerly just the Stupid Volleyball Nurses) actually wrapped up a touch early, so I ran out of time.

Anyway, first let me get out the way the fact that, over the next year, I could have three people very close to me abandon this continent, leaving me to try and get letters after my name all by myself. The only one up in the air is Nad, who, pending successes in BC, may or may not go to England for school. Other than that, Carley will be headed to Africa, and Miranda will be heading to the lovely continent of Oceania to continue schooling. All the while, I will continue working at the gym while attending Laurentian University to get my BBA. They travel and change the world, I travel to the whirlpool and change towelettes.

But this is not a complainy post (mostly). Instead, I intend to recount our trip to Waterloo, the end of the school, and the non-stop whirlwind that is working every single day when we're supposed to be relaxing.

After a day of two presentations - including one very successful pitch to a prospective start-up company - school was officially over, and Miranda and I decided to celebrate by going to Waterloo. Our aim was to connect with Nad and Tiffany. Tiff, unfortunately, was going to Europe for three weeks - another continent deserter! - so we were "stuck" with Nad.

He, poor bugger, had an exam on the Saturday, so we (Miranda, myself, and the parents) went to St. Jacobs - yes, that's right city people, it's not just "Amishville", it has a name - for Miranda required (badly) new Birkenstocks. You see, the soles of her old ones were mostly just for show, so she decided the time may have come. After successful exchanging money for goods, we found Nad, fresh from his exam and about seven Red Bulls, and we began trying to spend as much time with him before he left for BC on Monday1. Miranda, having never met Nad, was not sure what to expect, but I am told that "bouncy" was a very appropriate adjective.

We went and saw Fracture, which turned out to be a pretty tight little legal thriller, and then ate far too much at Jack Astor's; we had developed a hunger, however, as we drove past it two times. Really, there are not adequate words to explain time out with Nad - he really is such a unique and wonderful individual as to completely evade description. Miranda had fun, I had a ball and am just beginning to be able to wipe the goofy grin from my face, and hopefully we showed Nad a good time - he was able to meet up with Ben later in the week, completing his gauntlet of friendship before leaving.

And, other than that, between Miranda, Ben and I, all that has remained of the last two weeks, has been work. Miranda and I saw Next on Saturday - quite satisfying, if a little frustrating at times, namely at the end - but not before working Preview Day for seven hours. Ben, Kate and I grabbed junk food, but not before I worked, she took medicine for her illness, and Ben found out he worked the next day. You'll notice a common element here.

Really, since this semester has ended, there has been precious little downtime. I tried to go out with Ben one night, but I was exhausted. Miranda works 5:45 am to 2 pm today and tomorrow, and I close tonight before driving to Oshawa for 9 tomorrow morning.

You see how this has turned? This wasn't going to be a complainy post, then I got talking about work. Oh well. Nad, we'll miss you. With any luck, I'll have a little time off this summer, and people will be able to reconvene for fun at some point in time, but that remains to be seen!

1 - Monday, Brown Standard Time. I saw him on Friday morning on his way to Thunder Bay as the odyssey began.

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