Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sports Day in Toronto

Saturday (the forgotten Easter day; the day when Jesus just chilled) turned out to be pretty alright, seeing as I went home for all of 20 hours on Friday, was given the wrong time for a birthday party on the rockwall, and didn't get to see anyone farther away than down the street (although down the street was completely empty, thus making that about 1,429 times better than my house).

First, the Leafs stomped, then got stomped by, and then stomped the Canadiens, 6-5.1

That was followed up - well, technically, they occurred at the same time, but baseball takes longer to play than hockey, because it's better - by Frank Thomas2 and the Jays downing the Devil Rays, 8-5.

Unfortunately, Toronto FC was unable to keep the streak alive, going down 2-0 to Deportivo Chivas USA in Toronto's MLS debut.3

So, all in all, a very good sporting Saturday. Coupled with a Raptors division-clinching win over the Sixers the night before, and we've got the makings of a hell of a Toronto sporting weekend.4

1 - To the Montreal fans: Oooh, dat's gotta hoit. To the New Jersey fans (Miranda): I'm the planet's biggest New Jersey Devils fan today
2 - Sorry John
3 - They actually looked really good for about 60 minutes, but give them a break, it was their first game! They also got jobbed on a couple of offside calls, but a couple went their way as well. And keeper Greg Sutton looks like a young John C. McGinley
4 - Even though GSP got mangled, but he's not from Toronto, so whatever

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