Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two Wrongs Don't Make an NHL Team

There are two major reasons why the Nashville Predators will not be in Hamilton any time soon (barring blatant, oxygen-deprived, idiotic decisions by some of the parties involved).

1) Toronto and Buffalo would need to be absolutely out of their minds to let a team move to Hamilton. Major League Baseball essentially had to kidnap Peter Angelos' family to convince him to let the Washington Nationals challenge his Baltimore Orioles in that part of the country, and the Predators are actually a good team.

2) Jim Balsillie would need to be nuts to move a team to southern Ontario. There are no hockey fans in Southern Ontario. Oh, there are (lots of) Leaf fans. And Ottawa fans. And Buffalo and Detroit fans. And fans of teams that people kind of stare at them for, "Really? You're a Thrashers fan? Oh...kay..." There are no open minds, however; people in this region have made their decisions as to who they'll cheer for. Leaf fans aren't going to go to a Predators game because they can't get Leafs tickets.

So, there will be no hockey in Hamilton. If there is, buy a lottery ticket.

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