Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yep, I hate it

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, or, at the very least, at least give it a little while for it to grow on me. That time is up. It is now official.

I hate the new Toronto Star layout.

Before the Star got really big (back in the 80s or so), they had this little problem with changing their layout almost weekly because they had no clue who they were. One day they'd be the Globe, the next, the Sun. Then they settled down, made subtle changes - text side, leading - but no big ones and became a forceful paper. They made a fairly big change about two years ago, and now, two weeks ago, made another big change. But it sucks.


First, the headline-picture alignment. Under a headline about school safety, there is a picture of Winnie Mandela and Laila Ali. Under a headline about Stephen Harper getting dragged into Star Wars with the US, there is a picture of Ray Emery. Doesn't make sense? It's because the headline story runs down the right third of the page, while the picture has nothing to do with it.

Then, there's the thing that bugs the left-brain, obsessive compulsive, anal dorks like me - national and international news should go in the same section. I don't like stopping and putting down the anorexically thin national section only to pick up the bulemically thin international section. Put...them...back...together. That's why I don't read the Sunday Star.

Point the third, indexes should go on the front page. One should not have to dig to find what they want.

And, finally, the most important point of all: it looks like the God-damned National Post! Not only is that bad because the Post is a poorly laid out paper, but it's a bad thing because it's the National freaking Post.

So, Jagoda Pike and your various underlings, change it back. Or else. You think about that.

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