Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Dangers of a Blowout

During yesterday's Jays-Indians "baseball" game, Jamie Campbell and Sam Cosantino were waxing nostalgic about the Jays of yore. This was brought on by Cleveland second baseman Josh "Son of Jesse" Barfield's at-bat.

They were commenting on the time that both Barfield and Prince "Son of Cecil" Fielder spent running around the Rogers Centre/SkyDome with their dads when they played for the Jays. Shagging flies, catching junebugs, making merry, etc.

The only problem? The SkyDome opened in 1989. Jesse Barfield played 21 games for the Jays in '89 before going to the Yankees. Big Cec was playing in Japan that season, before coming back to Major League Baseball and hitting nearly 250 homeruns in six-plus seasons for the Detroit Tigers. So, an honest mistake, but something that illustrates the dangers of yammering during a blowout.

(In their defense, they did mention Prince Fielder hitting a lot of homeruns in early batting practice at Tiger Stadium. They didn't really talk much about Josh Barfield, though, most likely because he's, you know, not as good).

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