Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Guess We're All Boxing Fans Now

Before everyone gets all spun up over Steve Molitor and starts remembering those early Sarnia mornings spent watching a skinny kid hone his skills, I would just like to say this:

On June 21, 2002, the same night that Bryon Mackie scored a technical knockout win over Floyd Trumpet (only to have his title stripped shortly thereafter), I sat at ringside and watched Steve Molitor dominate Jose De Jesus Lopez at the Hershey Centre en route to a 10-round victory.

Miranda calls me a music snob, but I am also a movie and sports snob, and I would just like to say to everyone that has recently become a Steve Molitor mark1, I was there five years ago before any of you rushed to get to Rama (and booed the South African national anthem...for some reason).

1 - These are the same people that went apers for GSP before he lost, and are now quickly hiding their merch. Seriously, how much talk has there been about the UFC since that happened, eh? Not quite the level of hype when there's no Canadians involved, hmm?

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