Monday, August 20, 2007

Now I Think I'm a Piece of Bread

The Mike Statement: Where the hell have you been?
Mike: School, mostly, I've been swamped. It's my last year, you know.
TMS: Oh, come on, you must have done something else.
Mike: Well, yeah. I've been working a lot, spending time with Miranda, Wade, and Ben, and watching Stephen Lynch videos.
TMS: Yeah, that sounds more like it. Well, do you have a few minutes to sit down and talk about some stuff?
Mike: Sure, why not?
TMS: OK, I'm just going to toss out a few things, you tell me what you think of them. Alright?
Mike: Alright.
TMS: OK. The Smashing Pumpkins.
Mike: Am I supposed to care? I mean, it's not the Smashing Pumpkins, it's Billy and Jimmy's Fantabulous Money Grab! Granted, though, Tarantula's a good song, but Billy Corgan's still a douche.
TMS: The Simpsons Movie.
Mike: I was happy with it. It could have been a lot worse. It seemed like it was made just after they kind of emerged from that golden period - not their best work, but better than they've been lately.
TMS: South Park or Family Guy.
Mike: You know, not long ago, I would have been Family Guy. Now, though, it's gotten really old, and it's South Park all the way.
TMS: David Beckham.
Mike: longer at the top of his game, huge contract, intended to save soccer in a country that cares less about it than they do about hockey? Plus, he's been hurt? Not exactly the career boost he was hoping for, methinks.
TMS: Michael Vick.
Mike: Innocent until proven guilty.
TMS: How's school going?
Mike: I'm out. Booyeah. Only to start again in September on a new program.
TMS: What are you doing in the meantime?
Mike: Helping with training at work, moving into a new place, and then going out East for a week and a half with Mannie, Wade, and Mum #2.
TMS: Out East, eh? Whereabouts?
Mike: Definitely Moncton, but we'll see where else. New Brunswick's the only Maritime province I haven't been to.
TMS: I didn't know you've been to Newfoundland.
Mike: I haven't, but it's an Atlantic province, not a Maritime province.
Editor: Mike likes to show off that he remembers that from Humber.
TMS: When are you leaving?
Mike: On Thursday, right after training. But, until then, I'm going to Stratford today before Carley goes to Ghana, and then hopefully moving on Tuesday; it's really the only chance I'll get.
Editor: He also speaks with semicolons. He's a dork.
TMS: Where are you moving?
Mike: Basically, five doors up the street.
TMS: Why move then?
Mike: All inclusive rent, private bathroom, furnished house. Plus, basement room. 'Nuff said.
TMS: And what's the plan in Stratford?
Mike: No idea, really. I'm bringing Morgan with me so she can see Andy, but beyond that, don't really know. Just catching up, really, go out to dinner, maybe a movie.
TMS: How was the birthday?
Mike: Ah, great as usual. I've got some damn good friends who make sure birthdays are great.
TMS: How'd school go?
Mike: Oh, fine, Dean's List and whatnot. Only had one crappy teacher, but that was offset by good teachers and good classes. Is there anything else, I really need to fill the water softener and then shower.
TMS: Nothing right now, but if I think of anything else, I'll have my people call your people.
Mike: Sounds good.
Editor: Remember, Mike writes The Mike Statement, thus it too is dorky.

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