Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Slay Thee, Laziness Dragon!

Three weeks have passed, and I have sat down and thought, "Wow, I should really update this thing" approximately twice. But now, I have vanquished Aergia, and I have overcome my laziness and will actually post something.

It may wander into a stream of consciousness rambling, as much of the last three weeks has been viewed from a car, in between looks up from a book, and after having been up since 5 am.

Miranda, Wade, Mum #2, and I went out to New Brunswick and beyond at the end of August, in between staff training at the gym and the beginning of fall semester at school. For the record, if you plan on stopping regularly (every three to four hours) a trip from Orillia to Moncton will take you 22 hours. Wade drove through Montreal, and got a little turned around which, when we told cousin Kristy with whom we were staying in Moncton, was an apparently unbelievable goofy mistake. I mean, how could we get turned around in a place where about seven major highways meet in one mangled over/under/throughpass section? Particularly when you've never driven it, been driving for six hours, it's raining, and it's 3 am.

The weather was beautiful, save for the constant rain from Montreal to Moncton, and all day the first day in Moncton. Other than that, great. Kristy did much of the driving in Moncton, which entailed five people in a Hyundai Accent, which has a surprising amount of legroom, and a disappointing amount of shoulder room. With Kristy, we visited Magnetic Hill (not an optical illusion), the Hopewell Rocks (biggest high- and low-tide differential in, I think, the world) and Truro, NS - which, despite claims to the contrary that I assume stem from people's overwrought love of all things quaint, is not exactly a must-see destination. Consider being told "If you go to Nova Scotia, you have to see Truro" as the Nova Scotia equivalent of "If you go to Ontario, you have to see Collingwood". By all means, visit, but really...

We visited PEI after staying with Kris for a couple of days and stayed at a loverly Holiday Inn Express with Amish people - not really with the Amish people, but there appeared to be some sort of a convention going on when we arrived. And yes, they did arrive in a bus. That is not a very good lesson for all your little Am-lettes. We toured around Charlottetown - which, I can say, if you visit the East Coast, you have to see Charlottetown. I say East Coast instead of just PEI because if you visit PEI, you will see Charlottetown because it's no more than about three hours from everything.

PEI also involved trips to Canvendish - where we saw Robin Lawrence, the Grizzlies' women's basketball coach; small world - and Summerside. It also involved plenty of seafood, red dirt, and Anne of Green Gables shit everywhere. Plus, I bought a book of Hunter S. Thompson's letters in a bookstore straight out of Harry Potter run by a guy who put signs up like "Don't Touch!" on his books. How then, good sir, does one read them? Or find out the prices you have conveniently located on the inside of the front cover? HOW?

After PEI, we went back to Moncton overnight, then drove to Quebec City, the fun part of which was finding the Holiday Inn at which we were staying that had - unbeknownst to us - been sold to a New York company, was under construction, and did not have a sign on the front for either the new name or the old name. It was very nice, however, and we stayed for Holiday Inn prices. Quebec City, for those that haven't been there, is very nice, very modern mixed with traditional, but was built on, perhaps, the hilliest part of the entire planet. And there's no sense in driving anywhere.

Finally, we stayed our last day in Ottawa - Miranda's and my second trip to Ottawa in two weeks - which is always fun. Nothing too exciting to tell there - went to Byward, made sure not to wear Leafs stuff, played around with the SleepNumber beds.

Overall, the trip was absolutely brilliant, even if we were made to feel guilty for every time we fell asleep in the car by whomever was driving, and I'm glad I was allowed to come along. There was, however, no down time, as Wade and I had to move into the new digs (five doors up from where I used to live, which is a story for an entirely different post), and then went back to school and Miranda back to work.

This is now long enough, so to wrap-up, that stream of consciousness rant I mentioned:

  • The First Class has things called haystack brownies. Are there needles in them?

  • At Laurentian, to be eligible for a $500-per-semester scholarship for good marks, a student must be enrolled in five classes. To be considered a full-time student, one must only enroll in four classes. Each class above and beyond is about $560.

  • Finished two books out East, including one I bought in Moncton. Since then, I've barely looked at one.

  • Superbad is very good, but apparently "everyone" is quoting the movie. There really aren't a lot of quotable parts to movies, unless you consider saying "fuck" to be a quote.

  • It's not news until it's on Facebook.

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