Thursday, October 25, 2007

Come on history, start repeating yourself again!

At the moment (at least), the Colorado Rockies are not behind to the Boston Red Sox in Game 2 of the World Series. Other than the underdog factor, does anyone else badly want the Rockies to stick it to them? Jeff Francis, of course, has the Canadian storyline going. But, beyond that, who wants to see Manny Ramirez win again? Or Curt "Never Met a Microphone I Didn't Like" Schilling? Or the fact that the Red Sox still drape themselves in history and curses and live off the hype of them being the Anti-Yankees, despite their GDP of a small African nation payroll.

And, I swear to God, if I see another double go off the wall in that stupid "It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature" ballpark, I may just scream.

(This just in, Colorado's up 1-0).

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