Friday, December 07, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

Screw you, George Santayana.

I'm entering a new era at GC State, and, my life of today is beginning to mimic my life three years ago. As I was doing an inventory of varsity apparel - a job assigned to me immediately after a conversation about delegating busy work-type jobs - it occurred to me that my career path right now is eerily similar to the situation under which I left Blockbuster.

I got passed over for a job I earned and we've got a new boss who's readily making his mark. I'm at a kind of educational crossroads, and am very torn in regards to what direction I wish to head. I am still ripe with ideas and plans for changing and improving things, but every idea I come up with comes with the thought that all these ideas didn't help me get the job, so why do it?

Plus, I'm losing someone to the world's smallest continent, which just tosses an entirely new bunch of anxieties with which to deal.

So, while GC will always remain very close to my heart, right now I'm feeling a little let down with the entire situation. We shall see what happens. Last time this happened, I wound up at EB Games and became a marketing student; now I'm graduated, and EB ain't hiring.

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