Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gangsta Wrapping

With one small exception (and a gift that I will pick up if the weather ever makes it possible to drive to the mall), I am officially finished wrapping my presents for Christmas! All...by...my...self (except for about four things).

Despite my protestations that she could easily wrap her own presents with her eyes closed so as not to ruin the surprise, Miranda assured me that she would not be accepting any of her gifts from me if they were not wrapped by me. I've seen her wrapping jobs, she has only heard rumours of my wrapping prowess (bags with tissue paper are perfectly viable gift transportation vessels), but I still tried to assure her that whatever she did without the aid of eyesight would be better than whatever I would be able to accomplish with teh aid of some sort of automated wrapping machine. Regardless, however, she chose not to heed these warnings, and now she will get what she gets.

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